Simplify Everything

Medical emergency intervention seems complex in part because of old ways of learning, such as wrote memorization, and in part because it feels like there are so many different things you need to be ready for. Patients are becoming more complicated, and present in ways that we would consider to be atypical. We start by creating simplified frameworks for all of our courses that make it easier for you to hang on to knowledge.


Focus On What Matters

Our simplified frameworks for learning will give you the knowledge to take meaningful action in just about any situation. But we also get you very focused on the emergencies you are most likely to see in your clinical context. Our unique programs like InTime for Acute Care also help you prevent medical emergencies.


Tailor Scenarios For You

Our educators have extensive experience responding to emergencies in a wide variety of contexts. From pre-hospital to medical/surgical wards, to the emergency room and critical care, we’ll help you apply what you’re learning in a way that is meaningful for your clinical context. You’ll feel more confident as a result.